I just read a quick on-line article from ABC News titled “Deli Dilemma: Meat and meatncheeseCheese Linked to Earlier Death”.  Per my very long post-title, my initial reaction was “no $#*T ABC”.  However, beyond the “no duh” factor, the article dose cover a few points supported by a recent study that I thought were noteworthy.  Here are the the key takeaways from my perspective:

  1. Too Much Meat & Cheese (or anything else high in fat) Isn’t Good For You.  To get specific, a recent study showed those between the ages of 55 and 65, whose primary source of protein was via meat and cheese were 74% more likely to meet an untimely death.
  2. Re-Balance Your Diet For More Plant-Based Protein Sources.  Folks over 65 who increased their plant-based protein intake were 25% less likely to meet an early demise.  Hello legumes!!!
  3. The Older You Get The More Protein You Need.  I didn’t know this, but increasing the amount of protein, was important as we age, so this is good to know.
  4. Go Mediterranean. There was a comment in the article by an associated doctor noting that a “Mediterranean diet”, rich in plants, fruit, high fiber, and lean protein is the way to go.  Simply, because I like Mediterranean food and how easy it is to remember this mix of elements, I thought this was worth noting.

Small steps add up!!!