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This Saturday, March 29, I’ll be working my way through the Touch Mudder LA course with team COLDFUSION.  This will be my 6th Tough Mudder, and I’m nervous and excited.  If you haven’t checked out Tough Mudder, it would be worth a look, because I think it’s the best, most compelling of the obstacle course/mud-runs available.  ToughMudderIL

I’ve blogged about “opting in” and living life on occasion, and things like mud runs, 5Ks, fund-raising walks, and anything else that is goal based and can play into your workout routine is a good thing.  I have been disciplined to lift weights and jog for a couple of decades now, but my Tough Mudders have given my workout just a bit more edge, made me think just a bit more about my diet (particularly as the event approaches), and contributed to me being just a bit more healthy.  An orange headband and free beer with a bunch of folks who just completed the course with me doesn’t suck either.  I even get a special TM Legionnaire headband in yellow, as a 6 x mudder.

Find your goal, motivation or Tough Mudder and just do it.

Small steps add up!!!