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I went to lunch at a restaurant called Joon Shabu Shabu with a good friend and colleague today.  He’s worked with me for theshabushabu past few years, and is moving on to a new company and new adventure.  Over the past couple of years, he’s also committed himself to improving his health, creating and living a healthy lifestyle, and it’s worked.  He makes good choices, and strings a number of ‘small steps’ together on a consistent basis to be more healthy.  Today we walked about a mile to/from lunch, and had a really nice time.

If you’ve never had Shabu Shabu, which means “Swish Swish” in Japanese, it’s a great way to eat a tasty meal that is great for you.  Highly recommended!

To my friend, Randy, here’s a quote as I wish you the best with your new company.  “If you go out looking for friends, your going to find they are very scarce.  If you go out to be a friend, you’ll find them everywhere.” ~ Zig Ziglar

Small steps add up!!!