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So I’ve had a Nike Fuelband since they introduced them.  I literally pre-ordered my first, have had a few and fitbit-flex-xlhave amassed 4,000,000+ in Nike Fuel since.  I found the band really cool looking, and love the idea of daily steps, fuel, and activity goals.  Over the past few months however, Nike has buried the Fuelband functionality of their web-site within layers of marketing “sell”, there have been countless data syc issues, and I heard recently they are going to discontinue the Fuelband and focus on fitness software as well as their core fitness shoe/apparel business.  Given these factors, it is time to make a change.

I did some research to refresh my knowledge of products on the market, read reviews, and sampled the web applications.  The winner, by far in my opinion, was the FitBit.  It’s about 33% less expensive than the Fuelband, their website is simple, loads quickly, has a better ‘sense of community’ relative to Nike, and the band looks good.  In addition, the devise and website does a much better job of capturing total health.  This includes FitBitDashtracking how well you’re sleeping, calories in, calories out, water consumed, active hours, weight/BMI, and steps.  It also has goals for each of these elements and does a nice job of patting you on the back and ringing the alarm when you hit a goal or new achievement.

I’m all in and really enjoying being a new member of the FitBit community.  I still use my Nike Running app, as I believe it’s a simple, robust tracking, music and motivational tool for indoor/outdoor runs, but everything else is now FitBit.

Small steps add up!!!