I nice little article was posted a few weeks back on the Tough Mudder website.  I’m a fan of Tough Mudder, and the piece titled1797375_10152294699457528_466167330_n “Beef Up Your Brain:  Top 5 Workout Myths & Facts” was a quick and informative read – – and there were no obstacles to get through.

The Myths & Facts covered include:

  1. Myth:  Ab Crunches Will Help You Lose That Stomach
  2. Myth:  If You’re Not In Pain, You’re Not Working Hard Enough
  3. Myth:  If You Want To Get Into Shape, You Have To Get a Gym Membership
  4. FACT: Exercise Can Lessen The Effects of Depression
  5. FACT: Exercise Can Increase Energy & Reduce Fatigue

So, there’s a bit of “no duh” in this article, but there’s always a chance to learn and reflect.  I do think many people think doing a few hundred crunches will give them a 6-pack.  In reality, for most people consistently doing a few hundred ab crunches per day will give them a 6-pack.  Unfortunately that 6-pack may be burried underneath 0.5 to 2 inches of fat, because they’re not managing their nutrition appropriately and/or not investing the time into fat burning and body cutting cardio.  I’ve blogged a few times about myth #3.  The best gym is the one you can easily access and always use.  For me this is a small, inexpensive set-up in my loft, or a number of Jack Lalanne style exercises that I do when on business travel (in any hotel room, park, etc.).  I also like the first Fact noted (item 4 on my list).  It’s not just the very publicized release of endorphins that helps lessen depression.  There are a lot of studies that reveal the benefits that a healthy, efficient body have on the mind (and the balance of chemicals within), not to mention all of the psychological knock-on effects of doing something good for yourself.  Just knowing you’re doing something good for yourself each day will make you less likely to be depressed, vs. doing nothing, or carrying the guilt that comes from not doing anything (or doing things you know aren’t good for you).

So a little food for thought from Big Mudder.

Small steps add up!!!