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There’s a great article on Wellfesto.com titled “10 Things I Want My Daughter to WrestlemaniaKnow About Working Out”.  As a father to a daughter and son, I would personally swap “Child” for the word “Daughter” in the title, because I think these lessons are important for all little human beings.  I’ll let you peruse the article for more detail, but will provide a thumbnail sketch of the “10 Things” below:

  1. Strength equals self-sufficiency.
  2. Fitness opens doors.
  3. The bike is the new golf course.
  4. Exercise is a lifestyle, not an event.
  5. Health begets health.
  6. Endorphins help you cope.
  7. Working out signals hard-working.
  8. If you feel beautiful, you look beautiful.
  9. Nature rules.
  10. Little eyes are always watching.

These are super tips to pass on to the next generation, and I think they’re spot on.  A couple of comments.  First, how can you argue with items 1 and 2 — spot on!  Second, number 4 represents a huge miss for many.  If you don’t figure out a way to weave ‘health’ into your life in a meaningful, manageable way, you won’t stick with it – – I suggest small steps!  I am drawn to number 5, because I do believe that you are “who you spend time with”.  Lastly, in a nation that is becoming more obese by the day, we need to figure out that to break the cycle, it actually starts with us.  We must role model healthy lifestyles.

Small steps add up!!!