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There’s a great article on YahooHealth! titled “11 Workouts That Burn More Calories Than Jogging.”  The list is impressive and Boxing-008reminds me of the great options available to burn a few more calories to stay fit.  I love a great run, and when I can’t, I get frustrated and find myself trying to work a plan that will allow me to get my legs and body moving.  However, a few of these are pretty awesome.  I’ll let you check out the article for yourself, but here’s a snapshot of the list.

  1. Cycling (I like it, but it just doesn’t do it for me like a good run)
  2. Jet Skiing (I’d be all over this if I lived on a lake, river, or at a resort where they were readily available)
  3. Walking Uphill With A Load (Love this one – – Thanks Tough Mudder!)
  4. In-Line Skating (Remember the ’90s?)
  5. Dancing (yes!)
  6. Rock Climbing (would love to do this more)
  7. Jumping Rope (brutal in a good way)
  8. Rowing (quick and painful burn)
  9. Boxing (a fast way to realize what cardio really means)
  10. Swimming (I prefer surfing)
  11. Running Stairs (kind of a cheat off the “jogging title”, but a great workout)

The motto?  Get moving and find a way to burn more calories.

Small steps add up!!!