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A key premise of my health philosophy is ‘balance.’  While there are tons of great dietary and fitness-based decisions that may be strung together to improve your health, you will rarely be doing the wrong thing when you seek balance.  If you’re in the sweet spot of balance, you won’t be over-eating, you won’t be immobile for long balanceperiods of time, and you won’t over-do-it.

I just read an article on YahooHealth! that summarized research linking Vitamin D deficiencies to Alzheimer’s disease.  I’ve lost loved ones to this terrible disease, and have seem how it erodes the very essence of a person, and devastates those who are working to help and support.  We live in a world of extreme health advice, and although my first 10 years were in a decade when you could bask in the sun with baby oil rubbed on your body to increase the intensity of the sun, the last 3 decades have seen great strides in the area of skin cancer prevention.  Skin cancer is serious, and protecting your skin is critical.  However, many have swung across the line to the land of vampires, and literally no exposure to sunlight.  I raise this, because sunlight is an excellent, necessary way to get Vitamin D that your body and mind need.  You can get it from foods like Milk and Salmon, as well from supplements, but there is research challenging whether all Vitamin D is created equal.  It appears that what the sun causes your body to produce in terms of Vitamin D is different and better than other forms.  The link to Alzheimer’s is just one significant “red flag” that comes with going to such an extreme in any direction when it comes to health and fitness.  We all need a few minutes of sunlight on our body each day, before we slather on the SPF 30+.  You don’t want to over do it, but experts say 10 to 15 minutes of sun exposure a day is a good thing.

The moral of the story is, find balance and avoid the extremes.  Balance is an excellent True North for improved health, and a decision that finds balance will be a small step to health.

Small steps add up!!!