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17wl4kpeam089jpgI upgraded to a new iPhone recently, and was reminded about the need to “max your battery”.  If you’re not familiar with the term, you’re likely familiar with the need.  A mobile phone, like any batter driven device has a maximum operating time per battery charge.  If you “max your battery” by charging it for 24 hours before the first use and letting it drain down to 0% from time to time, and then re-charge it to 100% you keep the battery life as close to “max” as possible.  Though battery materials have changed, and you don’t need to fully deplete and recharge lithium batteries – charging between 15% and 85% will work), the concept is still the same.  If you fail to fully charge the device  (well beyond your screen telling you 100%) when you first buy it, or you frequently begin charging your device when you have 33% battery power left, your battery actually begins thinking it’s a smaller battery (aka an 80% is 100% charge), and over time the battery time itself diminishes.  Before you know it, your batter life is well below the max, and often less than half.

As I was maxing out the battery on my new phone, I couldn’t help but think that energy-drinksthe human body and someone’s general level of energy follows a similar path to the mobile phone battery.  If you push your body well beyond normal from time to time (e.g. running, working out, extreme sports, etc.) – expending your battery completely, while at the same time getting a regular good night’s sleep – re-charging your batter fully, you will find you have far more energy.  If you keep your body in the “middle zone” not too much activity, and frequently cut corners on sleep, your energy will begin to diminish.  As it diminishes, you will move less, sleep worse and over time your energy will be analogous to a mobile phone that needs to be plugged in all the time.  Your plug may be coffee, Redbull, 5 hour energy, etc., or you just may move less.  The point, push your body on a regular basis, and get a good nights sleep on a regular basis and your energy level will show it.  Max your battery.

Small steps add up!!!